Marlene Alt

Marlene300pxThe love of travel can grow out of various traits in an individual. For me I think it’s some blend of a gypsy soul, my fondness for change – with the challenge and stimulation it brings, and my endless curiosity about almost everything, most especially people and places.

In my youth I was fascinated by my elders’ stories of their birth countries: Austria, the Ukraine and Russia. But for our family summer vacations we stayed closer to home and went car-camping. I still adore both camping and a good road trip.

As an adult I’ve lived in four Canadian provinces and visited every US state except about five. I’ve backpacked across Europe (by bus, train, boat and thumb) and later spent five months cycling across it.

My other travels, both for work and pleasure, have taken me to India, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. My two sons are adopted from Vietnam, so I have a special bond with that beautiful country. In Latin America I’ve explored Chile, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

As an escort for Today’s Woman Traveller I’m excited to introduce you to Peru, a place that embodies much that is captivating about South America – the rich and diverse cultures, the spectacular landscapes, and a world-renowned cuisine. Speaking of food, that is definitely right near the top of my reasons to travel – to eat fabulous food!

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